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Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) were established to help integrate health systems as a means of improving the health of Ontarians. Integrated health systems provide coordinated, accessible and high quality health care that focuses on client needs, improves patient care and makes service delivery more efficient.

Integration is one of five core functions of the LHIN, along with planning, funding, performance accountability and community engagement.
The Local Health System Integration Act, 2006, defines integration broadly to include a range of activities that enable outcomes that are central to the provincial goals:

  • Improving accessibility of health services to allow people to move more easily through the health system;
  • Improving the match between services provided and the multiple needs of clients; and
  • Making the health care system more sustainable and accountable and promoting service innovation by enabling effective and efficient use of system resources and capacity.

LHSIA, which forms the legal framework for LHINs, further defines ‘integrate’ as the following activities:

  • Co-ordination of services and interaction between different persons and entities;
  • Establishing partnerships to provide services or in operating;
  • The transfer, merging or amalgamation of services, operations, persons or entities;
  • Starting or ceasing to provide services; and
  • Ceasing to operate or dissolving or winding up the operations of a person or entity.

'Service' is broadly defined under LHSIA such that it can include all services or programs provided by health service providers (HSPs).

For further information on Integration in North Simcoe Muskoka, please contact NSM LHIN  or phone 705-326-7750 and dial 230.