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The NSM LHIN completes quarterly performance reports using information obtained from local hospitals and other health service providers to report on progress in achieving the targets for indicators identified in the Ministry-LHIN Accountability Agreement.  These performance reports (called Stocktake Reports because they “take stock of the current situation”), include results for 14 Performance indicators and 8 Monitoring Indicators. Quarterly performance relative to provincial targets and visual representations of trends are summarized along with commentary on the Performance category of indicators to provide additional context. The indicators in the report include:

  • Emergency Department (ED) Length of Stay for Complex and Non-Complex patients
  • Alternate Level of Care (ALC) / Hospital Bed Utilization
  • Wait Times for In-Home Services
  • Diagnostic (CT & MRI) Wait Times
  • Surgical Wait Times for Elective Hip & Knee Surgery
  • Repeat Visits to the Emergency Department associated with Mental Health & Substance Abuse Conditions
  • Readmission Rates for Selected Medical Conditions

The report demonstrates progress toward the goals of the various health systems improvement strategies at the provincial and LHIN levels. The Quarterly Stocktake Report is also used to drive transparent performance discussions between the ministry and LHINs.

February 2020 Report

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