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Janet Doering (Orillia)
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Anastasia Loza (Barrie)
 Picture coming soon Anastasia's world became very small, very fast when her family members dropped her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's, off at her home saying they could no longer care for her. With the support of the CCAC and other resources within the area, Anastasia was able to care for her mother at home for 3 years. When her mother transitioned to long-term care, Anastasia felt like she had to begin again. She had to learn a new way of understanding of how her mother would receive care. Anastasia wanted to be part of her mom's care team and still is in an active participant in that process.  Working together, Anastasia and her mom's care team have defined care plans, medication changes, injuries, illnesses and hospital stays.  And they continue to work...  As part of the Advisory Panel, Anastasia wants to help create the space to make heath care better and relevant for our communities and families - to perhaps give insight and perspective, offer an idea, or give challenge to convention - applauding progress and bold ideas, and sharing what she learns. Patient centered care for Anastasia means, getting access to needed health care resources, at the location she needs, at the time she needs – even if she doesn't know what she needs.
Cyndi Rowntree (Waubaushene)
Cyndi Rowntree
Cyndi joined the Advisory Panel as a result of her role in an organization that works in a mental health facility. She listens to her clients and draws on their experiences to advocate for system improvements. Cyndi feels it is important that users of the health care system are heard by planners when decisions are being made about the care we all receive.  She brings to the panel the rich health experiences of the people she works with every day, along with her own lived experience, to impact change within the health care system. For Cyndi, patient-centred care means services that are provided with the patient experience in mind.  Patient-centred care comes from listening to those receiving services and clinicians partnering with the patient to achieve the best positive outcome.
Elizabeth (Liz) Rice (Gravenhurst)
Elizabeth Rice Liz joined the Advisory Panel with a keen interest in working toward a more efficient, streamlined, comprehensive, navigable and financially sustainable way of delivering health care at the local level. Liz has over twenty-five years experience working in the health care field in Muskoka. Liz hopes that through her involvement in the group she will become better informed about the role of the LHIN and its role in the delivery of health care services in the community. She wants to be a voice for her community members in that she can bring their issues to the table to have fulsome discussions about how things could be improved.  Liz believes that patient-centred care is about listening and involving patients in all aspects of their care; establishing a health care plan; celebrating a patient's wellness; learning from setbacks; and, recognizing that we are all unique and therefore 'one size does not fit all'!
Suzanne Fraser (Penetanguishene)
Suzanne Fraser Suzanne joined the Advisory Panel as she saw it as an opportunity to be involved in our ever changing health care system. It is her hope that her background and life experiences will allow her to do this. She is Métis, Bilingual, has been married 45 years, is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 3. Suzanne and her husband sadly lost their daughter to Acute Leukemia 8 years ago. She was 35 years old, married and a mother of a 5 year old girl at the time. Due to her daughter's husband's own challenges they have since been taking care of their granddaughter and son-in-law. Suzanne has had a successful 40 year career as an  RN and has been retired for 5 years. The highlight of her career was receiving an award by the Ontario Government in the 2010 "Celebrating Innovations in Health Care Expo" in the Improving Patient/Resident Centeredness category. It is Suzanne's hope to continue advocating for patient-centered care and promoting holistic approaches. Suzanne sees patient-centered care as a model of care in which we encourage patients/clients to be educated regarding their health, allowing them the tools to make their own decisions regarding their plan of care. Corporate plans should be made keeping the patient in mind. 


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