Personal Protective Equipment and Swab Kit Supply Information for Ontario Health (Central) Community Providers 

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PPE and Swab Kit Support

Effective September 10, 2020, the intake and distribution of COVID-19 swab kits has transitioned from Public Health Ontario to Ontario Health. Going forward, eligible sectors will use the combined Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/Swab Kit Intake Form to request PPE and/or swab kits. Review the following documents for more information:

Support for HSPs and Health Care Organizations

A Local Regional Supply Chain Team has been assembled, consisting of representatives from each of the Central, Central West, Mississauga Halton and North Simcoe Muskoka regions. This team, which spans the Ontario Health-Central Region, is available to assist with questions and inquiries related to the best practice and use of PPE and swab kits, and access to supplies when required.

Transitional PPE Support

Ontario Health and the Ministry of Health have implemented a new temporary process called Pandemic PPE Transitional Support (PPTS­). This new process will provide access to a dedicated supply of PPE and swab kits from the provincial stockpile to all eligible sectors (see list below) free of charge. Review the following documents for more information: 

List of eligible sectors

  • Primary Care Providers – broadened scope to include all providers, not just those serving vulnerable populations, and including Midwifery Practices
  • Community-based Physician Specialists (e.g., ophthalmology, cardiology, pain clinics, respirology, neurology, endoscopy, etc.)
  • Indigenous Communities and Indigenous Providers
  • Community Health Service Providers including:
    • Consumption and Treatment Services
    • Hospice Care
    • Community Mental Health and Addictions Agencies, including residential programs
    • Community Support Service Agencies
    • Non-Municipal Seniors and supportive housing providers
    • Homes for Special Care
    • Independent Health Facilities

Actions and Process for PPE Inventory Management

All health care organizations must contribute to successful management of the constrained levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) available across the province. This can be achieved by:

Appropriate use and conservation of PPE


Working with own suppliers


Engaging other local system partners

Follow best practice for PPE use and conservation set by:
Ontario Health (OH)
Ontario Health Central Region
Public Health
  Negotiate earliest availability and quantity   Parent companies and other community partners such as:
Family Health Teams
Home & Community Care Support Services
Long-Term Care facilities

Send inquiry to Local Regional Supply Chain Team


NEW! Send request for swab kits and critical PPE supplies

Obtain information and assistance from the Ontario Health-Central Region Supply Chain Team OHCentralPPE/            

  Submit request through the new online PPE and Swab Kit Intake Form

Local Regional Supply Chain Team

Assists with PPE and swab kit inquiries and facilitates requests for PPE and/or swab kit supplies. Will escalate for urgent action if necessary

Contact the Ontario Health-Central Region Supply Chain Team 📧 

Send an email to: OHCentralPPE/ This is monitored from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 7 days a week.

The Team is available to support questions or inquiries regarding:

  • Clarification around best practices for the use of PPE and swab kit supplies in your environment
  • Request for alternate supplier suggestions that may be available

Submit a Request for Critical PPE Supplies and Swab Kits - Online Intake Form 

A new online PPE and swab kit intake form is now available. The form will streamline the process for requesting, managing and escalating critical PPE and swab kit requests. 

Steps to Using the Online PPE and Swab Kit Intake Form for Critical PPE and swab kit needs:

  1. If you are a Health Service Provider in the Central Region, please ensure all critical PPE and swab kit requests are submitted using the Online PPE and Swab Kit Intake Form. Please note: The form's functionality is best when opened in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

  2. Submission of correct and complete information is vital in the review of your PPE and swab kit needs request. Where specified in the online form, please add additional pertinent information to help the teams better understand context around your request.

  3. After submitting a request, you will receive a ticket from Ontario Health sent to the email provided. A member of the Regional COVID-19 Supplies and Equipment team will respond within 1 business day. Important: Please keep the referenced ticket incident number for your records, and include it in any additional correspondence with your Regional Supply Chain Leads

Central Region PPE and Critical Supplies Table

Central Region has established a PPE and Critical Supplies Table. The focus of this cross-sectoral table is to gather, manage and equitably distribute PPE, swab kits and critical supplies to in-scope sectors within the region. The scope and membership of the table is anticipated to expand as supply chain flows increase. More information is available in the Terms of Reference including current membership. 

For the current Central Region PPE situation overview, click here.  

We Need Your Help

PPE Donations Required:

    • N95 masks
    • Surgical masks
    • Protective gowns
    • Eye protection (goggles or face shields)
    • Gloves – nitrile or vinyl
    • Hand sanitizer – alcohol-based
    • Inquire regarding any other PPE

    Criteria for Donated Products

    • Preference is for sealed, unopened products that has not expired
    • Opened boxes of masks will be accepted
    • Homemade PPE cannot be accepted

    How to Donate

    📧 Send an email to:

    We will reply to your messages Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays).

    Include the following information in your message:

    • Product code and description
    • Identify if boxes are open or sealed and the expiry date
    • Contact name, email and phone number

    How Your Donations Help

    Your donations will be distributed to front-line workers in your area that are the most in need based on their current inventory, as well as the risk in their environment according to provincial guidelines for PPE usage.

    If you have a large or corporate donation, visit the Ontario Together donations web site.


Through regular bulletins, the Ontario Health-Central Region PPE and Critical Supplies Table is committed to keeping its health system partners informed of key updates on the use and conservation of PPE, and regional PPE order and allocation processes. These bulletins also share information on past and upcoming virtual events, as well as PPE resources:

Additional Sector-Specific Resources