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The Risk Management Reporting Guidelines and Manual is intended to set the context for the reporting of risk related issues to North Simcoe Muskoka by health service providers as outlined in the respective Service Accountability Agreements.  The manual complements the NSM Enterprise Risk Management Framework (June 2010) and the NSM Enterprise Risk Management Policy (June 2012) which outline the risk management approach for NSM. 

The manual is primarily targeted to senior managers of health service providers to detail the requirements and provide sample tools where they do not currently exist. The manual is developed to support organizations with varying degrees of risk management maturity, recognizing that risk management is a continuous journey.  Although the manual will be particularly helpful to those health service providers that may not have robust risk reporting mechanisms in place, the majority of the content is applicable to all NSM health service providers. 

Health service providers will need to exercise discretion and some degree of judgment when choosing the types of risks to be reported.  At a minimum, health service providers are expected to:

  • Have an organizationā€specific policy in place related to the management of risk
  • Ensure that significant and major risks are identified and reported promptly to Home and Community Care Support Services using the form provided in Appendix 3.
  • Identify and implement mitigating actions, where necessary, and provide status updates where risks remain unmitigated. 

For additional information related to Risk Management Reporting, please contact Valerie Armstrong, Director, Quality and Risk at valerie.armstrong@lhins.on.ca.